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Your Guide To Optimal Health: Your Personal Wellness Wheel
Seema Patel MD, MPH

with Lee Kirksey MD

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After practicing primary care medicine for 10 years, Seema Patel, MD, MPH was discouraged with the traditional “fix it, when it’s broken” approach. Traditional medicine was reactive, waiting for a disease to develop and only then providing resources to help. Yet true changes to health need to be pro-active and preventative. When one in two Americans suffer from some type of chronic disease, teaching patients to live well has become her mission

Dr. Patel, who now specializes in Age Management Medicine along with Dr. Lee Kirksey, a board certified vascular surgeon and Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine introduce a new paradigm of health that is comprehensive, holistic, and proactive. They believe that achieving Optimal Health, the state of peak performance mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually can prevent disease and slow down the aging process.

Your Guide to Optimal Health provides step by step instructions and interactive exercises to assist readers to create their Personal Wellness Wheel ™. The wheel integrates both Eastern and Western philosophies and consists of eight complimentary elements of health that, when operate synergistically, lead to a better quality of life and well-being.

Dr. Patel discusses the worst and best foods for Optimal Health


  • Leadng Causes of Death in the United States in 2000 10
  • Actual Causes of Death in the United States in 1990 and 2000 10 Glycemic Index/Glycemic Load Foods 45
  • Body Mass Index 58
  • Top Ten Stressful Life Events 107

Quizzes, Tips, and Worksheets

  • Test Your Knowledge about Physical Activity & Heart Disease 14
  • Optimal Health Lab Results 24
  • Optimal Health Record for Preventative Medicine 25
  • Twenty Questions on Drinking or Drugs 31
  • Eating Patterns Exercises 33
  • Tips for Good Sleep 35
  • Guidelines for Choosing Protein 41
  • Grocery List 53
  • Menu Ideas for Eating Well 54
  • Diet History 55
  • Fitness Plans 65-69
  • Risk of Low Testosterone (for Men) 74
  • Symptoms of Possible Hormone Problems 86-87
  • Hormone Laboratory Blood Work 87
  • Summary of Treatment Options for Different Skin Conditions 98
  • Finding Your Skin Care Specialist 99
  • Ageless Skin Chart 101
  • Symptoms of Stress and Cumulative Effects 105-106
  • How to Handle Stress Effectively 108-109
  • A Breathing Exercise 110
  • Modern Meditation Technique 110
  • Changing Your Mind Exercise 111
  • Activities That Help Me Relax 114
  • Developing Your “Why” List 117
  • Positive and Negative Health Behaviors and Their Associations 119
  • Level of Optimism Quiz 124-125
  • Optimistic Thought or Pessimistic Thought? 126-127

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

  • Spoke One: A Pro-Active Health Approach: Preventing Disease 5
  • Common Chronic Diseases, Lee Kirksey, MD 6
  • Preventative Medicine 15
  • Optimal Lab Values from Your Blood Work 18
  • Building Spoke One of Your Personal Wellness Wheel™ 24 Find out more what's in chapter one

Chapter Two:

  • The Optimal Health Lifestyle: Changing Personal Health 27
  • Smoking Cessation 28
  • Alcohol, Drugs, and Any Other Addiction 30
  • Eating Patterns 33
  • Getting Enough Sleep 33
  • Mental and Emotional Health 36
  • Building Spoke Two of Your Personal Wellness Wheel™ 37
  • Twenty Question Test on Drug and Alcohol Problems 39
  • Optimal Social Health Record 40

Optimal Health Program participants describe their experience

Chapter Three: Nutrition- find out what's in this chapter

  • Your Fuel for Life: Creating Ultimate Nutrition 41
  • Types of Inflammation 42
  • Proteins 42
  • Fats 43
  • Carbohydrates and Sugars 45
  • Other 48
  • Supplements 50
  • Fluids 52
  • Eating Well is a Lifestyle 52
  • The Mediterranean Diet 52
  • Building Spoke Three of Your Personal Wellness Wheel™ 54
  • Grocery List 55
  • Menu Ideas 56
  • Diet History Chart 57

Chapter Four: Click Here to see video on The Personal Wellness Wheel

  • The Power of Exercise: Maintaing a Youthful Mind and Body 59
  • Why Exercise is so Important 60
  • Types of Physical Exercise 63
  • Importance of Breathing 65
  • Building Spoke Four of Your Personal Wellness Wheel™ 66
  • Fitness Plans 67
  • Summary of Exercise Benefits 72

Chapter Five:

  • Your Guide to Hormone Optimization: Restoring Your Body’s Balance 73
  • The Importance and Function of Hormones 74
  • Testosterone for Men 75
  • Menopause 78
  • Hormone Replacement for Women 81
  • DHEA 84
  • Thyroid Hormone 85
  • Human Growth Hormone 85
  • Building Spoke Five of Your Personal Wellness Wheel™ 89

A Must-Have For Every Man or Woman Over 30!

“Imagine Your Hormones Restored Naturally, Living
100% Free From Menopause Or Andropause Symptoms,
And Living Every Second Of Life With Youthful Energy
Plus The Sex Drive of your twenties!”

"A Life Restored!"
"Dr. Seema Patel has had such a profound impact on my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Her approach to health and wellness is all encompassing, addressing all aspects of the body/mind/spirit connection in treating the whole being and not just "symptoms". After years of struggling with hormone imbalances and digestive issues, Dr. Patel has balanced and restored my body's health and given me tools to support and maintain my wellness."
—Serafina M.

When your hormones are out-of-balance, your life can be tossed into hopelessness, confusion and depression. Male or female, the problems exist for almost everyone over 30—loss of sex drive (and often sexual function), decreased energy, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, weight gain, and more.

This is what I call "Hormone Hell."
The bad news is that this is ruining your life, making you feel old before your time, and creating unnecessary stress in your relationships. The even worse news is that this is the start of long-term health problems for many people—although you may not realize it because most doctors just treat the symptoms.

The fantastic news is that I can help you.
How? By addressing the real cause of your suffering. Most doctors only treat the symptoms of your pain. That leaves the real problem room to grow and grow. Eventually this can cause disease, and even early death.

I don't think medicine should treat you like a number, give you a few pills and a few hundred pages of insurance forms, and put you on your way. If you're tired of being tired—and tired of being treated poorly by most doctors, only to end up feeling worse, then read on...

Learn how to avoid Hormone Hell

Chapter Six:

  • Your Ageless Skin: Improving Your Skin at Any Age 91
  • Structure of the Skin 92
  • Intrinsic Skin Aging 92
  • Extrinsic Skin Aging 93
  • Effects of Aging 93
  • Skin Care Products 94
  • Advanced Skin Care Treatments 95
  • Common Skin Conditions 97
  • Finding Your Skin Care Specialist 101
  • Hair Removal: Laser Removal, Electrolysis, Threading 102
  • Building Spoke Six of Your Personal Wellness Wheel™ 103
  • Ageless Skin Chart 104

Chapter Seven:

  • Stress Management Techniques:Balancing Your Mind and Body 105
  • The Effects of Stress on Your Body 106
  • Risk Factors of Stress 108
  • How to Handle Stress Effectively 110
  • The Benefits of Meditation 111
  • Changing Your Mind 113
  • Building Spoke Seven of Your Personal Wellness Wheel™ 115

Chapter Eight:

  • Your Strategies for Success: Choosing Your Path Wisely,
    Lee Kirksey, MD
  • Motivation for Change: The “Why” Question 119
  • The Force Behind Change 120
  • Either You Guide Your Associations or Someone Else Will 122
  • The Optimistic Personality and Health 122
  • Optimism and Optimal Health 131 Take the quiz to find if you are optimistic
  • Building Spoke Eight of Your Personal Wellness Wheel™ 132


  • Resources 133
  • Resources for Optimal Health 134
  • Life Stressor Inventory 137
  • Bibliography 138

Index 142